Web Hosting Focused on You Stands Out in a Competitive World

Recently, T.C. Doyle, the Senior Content Director of Channel Brands at Penton Technology, interviewed our CEO, Jim Geiger, and CTO, Joe Oesterling, about how and why Liquid Web stands out in the web hosting industry. They discussed Liquid Web’s number one priority: to help web-dependent professionals, like yourself, find reliable web hosting with a friendly and highly-trained staff. Since your business depends on the web, we know that choosing your web host is an important decision. After all, if your site or application goes down, your business is in trouble.

The Doyle Report  Is Liquid Web the Most Distinct Company In Hosting    IaaS content from Talkin  Cloud Continue reading “Web Hosting Focused on You Stands Out in a Competitive World”

Providing You Amazing Support with Red Hat Training

Providing You Amazing Support Through Red Hat Training

The ability to quickly reach a technician who can help solve your problems can’t be overvalued. That’s why we’ve been working with Red Hat Training and Certification to improve our customer support experience. We want make sure that every time you call our support line, you reached someone who is properly trained and can help solve your issues quickly. Continue reading “Providing You Amazing Support with Red Hat Training”

Press Release: Liquid Web Hires WordPress Authority Chris Lema to Head Up Product and Innovation

Lema’s Expertise to Support Growing WordPress Customer Base and Innovative Product Line

LANSING, Mich.– December 1, 2016 – Liquid Web, Inc. (www.liquidweb.com), a $100 million managed hosting provider focused on web-dependent professionals, announced today the hiring of Chris Lema as VP of products and innovations. Lema brings more than 20 years of software development and product development experience to Liquid Web. Most recently, Lema served as an independent industry consultant focused on the WordPress community, sharing his insights via a daily blog, ebooks, public speaking and product strategy. Continue reading “Press Release: Liquid Web Hires WordPress Authority Chris Lema to Head Up Product and Innovation”

On Cloud 9 With a Top 10 Debut on Talkin’ Cloud’s List of 100 Top Cloud Service Providers

Pardon the pun, but we’ve had our heads in the clouds ever since we were named 7th in the world’s top Cloud Service Providers. We’re beyond excited about what this honor means! The 2016 Talkin’ Cloud 100 was put together by Penton Technology Channel Editors and lists the world’s top Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). According to Editor in Chief of Talkin’ Cloud, Nicole Henderson, the lists ranks providers based on infrastructure as well as cloud service revenue and growth. Continue reading “On Cloud 9 With a Top 10 Debut on Talkin’ Cloud’s List of 100 Top Cloud Service Providers”

Press Release: Liquid Web Upgrades Managed Dedicated Server Solutions with the Latest Technology Improving Speed, Reliability and Security for Customers


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Liz Pandzich
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New technology backed by the best value-added services and guarantees in web hosting

LANSING, Mich.– October 26, 2016 – Liquid Web refreshes technology across its entire managed dedicated server lineup to drive faster application performance. The new line includes faster application performance with new CPUs, business-grade SSDs, and fourth generation DDR (double data rate) RAM. These upgrades signal Liquid Web’s commitment to provide a best-in-class hosting experience for the web-dependent professionals it serves. Continue reading “Press Release: Liquid Web Upgrades Managed Dedicated Server Solutions with the Latest Technology Improving Speed, Reliability and Security for Customers”

Press Release: Liquid Web Continues to Grow With Top Talent in San Antonio Office

The company appoints new head of global sales in San Antonio office after recent Cloud Sites acquisition

LANSING, Mich.- October 19, 2016 – Liquid Web, Inc. (www.liquidweb.com), a $100 million web-hosting and managed cloud-services provider, announced today the hiring of key leader Amar Patel as Head of Global Sales & Solutions. Patel will play an integral role in the company’s San Antonio office growth, as Liquid Web also recently announced new office expansion plans in the city’s downtown tech corridor. Continue reading “Press Release: Liquid Web Continues to Grow With Top Talent in San Antonio Office”

Cyber Security Lessons You Need to Remember

Cyber Security Lessons You Need to RememberThere’s nothing scarier than losing your identity or finding out all of your critical data is gone – that’s why there is an entire month celebrating online security. This October is the 13th National Cyber Security Awareness Month – an event hosted by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance encouraging everyone to do their part to keep their online lives safe and secure. As a web host, we’re well aware of the part we play in this constant effort – and we follow stringent security practices both in our offices and our data centers.

We also make an effort to share best practices and tips to our customers, helping them become more secure. We sat down with a few members of our Security Team at Liquid Web and asked them what are the most common misconceptions they often need to counteract with online security. While you’re soaking in all the tips shared during this month, make sure to keep these ideas in mind. Continue reading “Cyber Security Lessons You Need to Remember”

Press Release: Deter WordPress Hackers with 5 Security Essentials from Liquid Web

Liquid Web encourages busy web-dependent professionals to stop and strengthen their WordPress sites during National Cyber Security Awareness Month

LANSING, Mich., Oct. 13, 2016 — Hacking attacks cost the average American firm $15.4 million per year. During October, which is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Liquid Web, a $100 million web hosting and cloud services provider, urges WordPress users to help prevent attacks by addressing five critical areas of security.

WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system, and collectively its users publish more than 58 million new pages each month. Ninety-nine percent of more than 75 million WordPress sites are secure, but that still leaves one percent, which includes more than 750,000 sites that are potentially vulnerable. WordPress users can make sure they stay out of the one percent by addressing these five critical areas of security: Continue reading “Press Release: Deter WordPress Hackers with 5 Security Essentials from Liquid Web”

Liquid Web vs. WP Engine

Considering WP Engine for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Considering WP Engine? Check out Liquid Web!WP Engine is a popular destination for premium-priced WordPress-only hosting — it is, after all, the company’s sole focus and their only product. On the surface, that’s a terrific selling point. But upon closer inspection, you may decide that their solution simply forces you to make too many compromises.

WP Engine limits the number of visitors your sites can have (as few as 25,000 per month), and won’t allow you to use any plugin that they’ve disallowed. If your favorite plugin, a component required by your preferred theme, or a plugin you track down (or create) to solve a specific issue falls out of favor, then you’re out of luck. Most of WP Engine’s more affordable plans rely on shared hosting — a limited, one-size-fits-all solution which forces them to go to great lengths to ensure (and enforce) compatibility. In a shared environment, any single site’s resource usage or traffic could negatively impact the dozens or hundreds of other sites on the same server; hence the need for restrictions on resource usage and plugins. Compounding the issue is the fact that when you don’t own your own data centers, troubleshooting and resolving issues with the servers themselves can be more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

Liquid Web has been a leader in the web hosting industry since 1997, serving tens of thousands of customers using WordPress — and every other platform imaginable. That experience has allowed us to engineer and optimize our network and power infrastructure, as well as construct data centers from the ground up.

Rather than simply adopting a popular platform and figuring out the rest moving forward, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our mission to perfect the art of web hosting and applied that knowledge to the world’s No. 1 CMS. Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress plans put your sites on equal footing with some of the biggest companies in the world — using the same class of hardware and powered by the same rock-solid infrastructure — with no need to compromise.

Liquid Web vs. WP Engine:
Managed WordPress

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. Our industry-leading web hosting solutions are built on best-in-class hardware and verified by independent testing to consistently outperform competitors. We don’t limit your sites to a subset of available plugins, and we don’t punish you for success by charging overages whenever the number of visitors to your site grows. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to WP Engine:

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Liquid Web vs. GoDaddy

Considering Web Hosting from GoDaddy?

Considering GoDaddy? Check out Liquid Web!You’ve no doubt seen at least a few of GoDaddy’s ubiquitous ads. In fact, before you ever visit GoDaddy’s website, you probably at least know that they’re famous for their low, low prices. It’s a great pitch, and anyone in need of a basic web site whose expectations for service are in line with the price they’re paying may find GoDaddy an excellent option. Anyone else, however, may want to check the fine print first.

For instance, GoDaddy advertises 24/7 support with every plan. What they don’t advertise is that their definition of “support” is largely limited to account management. Help setting up your server, migrating your site, setting up backups — even auditing disk space usage — are all considered “Expert Services” and charged at a premium rate. Likewise, if you need help fast, you’re probably out of luck.

The truth is, if you ever need help with any of the sorts of issues web hosting customers typically call in about, your $5 shared hosting plan may quickly end up costing you more than you’d pay for a fully managed VPS or Dedicated Server elsewhere. Case in point: An especially common support request is for a PHP upgrade, module installation, or settings adjustment. A Managed Hosting provider will typically do that for you on the phone, while you wait — for free. At GoDaddy, a PHP upgrade to the latest version costs $79, and can take three days to complete. If you need to adjust settings (such as the memory limit, or maximum upload size), that’s another $79 and another three days.

It does add up quickly, but as you already know: You get what you pay for.

Liquid Web vs. GoDaddy:
VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Web Hosting

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. High-profile ads and high-visibility sponsorships can boost a company’s brand recognition, but only up to a point; we’ve chosen to build our reputation through hard work and by providing industry-leading web hosting with best-in-class hardware. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to GoDaddy:

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