Website Launch Checklist: Finalize These Details Before Launch

Website Launch Checklist: Finalize These Details Before Launch
Designing and building a client website is a complex process full of dozens of moving parts and pieces – details that are difficult to keep track of as the launch date approaches. A website testing checklist is an ideal way to keep track of every component of your website and prevent errors. From the early planning stages to the last parts of development and construction, there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes, big or small. Launching a website rife with typos or non-functioning links is the last thing you want. Keep your agency’s reputation up to par with our website launch checklist – complete with the most important details to test prior to your website launch date.
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Web Hosting Reviews Site “” Talks to Liquid Web About Heroic Support

Web Hosting Reviews Site “” Talks to Liquid Web Marketing and Sales Directors About Heroic Support®
Toby Sembower of recently reached out to Liquid Web’s Director of Marketing, Jason Grasshoff, and Director of Sales, Stefan Nava, to talk about Liquid Web’s legacy of Heroic Support® and our high-performing products, including managed windows and linux web hosting. The article thoroughly details how Liquid Web’s customer-centric focus has engendered strong word-of-mouth marketing that has helped us grow over the last 18 years.

As a privately-owned entity, the team can focus on customer needs and functionality requests, and then set about developing what isn’t already offered. “What makes our service sticky is the care we give to our customers,” Jason added. “They appreciate us, and we appreciate the trust they put in us.”

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5 Agency Strategies for Building Strong Client Relationships

5 Agency Strategies to Build and Maintain Strong Client Relationships
Building strong client relationships is an integral strategy to improve your agency’s bottom line. It’s a well-known fact that acquiring new clients costs more than growing business opportunities with repeat clients. In addition, repeat clients spend 67% more than new clients and bring in more business through referrals. Even more important, however, is building brand advocates that will recommend your agency to others. Clients that will advocate for your brand among their social circles and through online sources are one of your most powerful tools – 83% of people say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family and 66% say they trust consumer opinions posted online, according to the Global Trust in Advertising report by Nielsen.

But how do you build and maintain strong client relationships? It all comes down to encouraging engagement – holding your client’s interest and inducing them to participate in your client/agency relationship. The following tips for building strong client relationships will help you increase that engagement and develop brand advocates.
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5 Tips to Identify Dangerous Spam Emails

Spam. Nobody likes it, but everybody gets it. In the first quarter of 2015 spam comprised 59.2% of email traffic! Of course, it doesn’t just annoy the end user, it also interrupts business productivity. Worse, spam is a security risk; bringing with it any number of phishing or malware attacks. Because spam is plentiful and comes in many varieties designed to confuse and manipulate the recipient, it is important to first implement a powerful anti-spam system. However, remember that utilizing anti-spam software is only the minimum of what you can do to protect yourself. You should also educate yourself on how to recognize and handle suspicious emails. Paying attention to the following 5 tips to identify dangerous spam emails, before you open, click, download, or share data will go a long way toward protecting your data.
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Questions to Ask When Choosing a CMS

Questions to Ask When Choosing a CMS
Choosing a content management system, or CMS, to support your business’ online presence is a very important process. In our blog post “Choosing The Best CMS For You,” we’ve done an in-depth dive on each of the three most popular open source CMS platforms on the market today. However, before you immerse yourself in the different benefits and features of each available platform, you should first define and prioritize your business’ needs. This guide includes the most important questions to ask when choosing a CMS platform.
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VPS Performance Comparison: Liquid Web 2 GB SSD Tops EVERYONE

After many long nights, a lot of incredibly hard work by Liquid Web’s Heroic Support technicians, and diligent benchmarking, we’re proud to release the performance results for our latest VPS instances. Let me prepare you: The performance of our Zone C SSD Storm® VPS Servers will knock your socks off! We’ve found our Zone C VPS servers outperform our major competitors both in terms of CPU performance, disk I/O performance, and cost per IOP.
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Pamper Your Programmer: A Programmer Day Giveaway!

Did you know this last Sunday was Programmer Day? If you didn’t find your friendly, local programmer and thank them for all the work they do, then you need to right away. And then enter our giveaway (below) and win a few things to pamper them with!

Liquid Web Celebrates Programmer Day
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Press Release: Liquid Web Achieves Best-in-Class Net Promoter Score of 74

For Immediate Release

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Lansing, MichLiquid Web, a professional web hosting and managed cloud services company that provides virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated bare metal cloud servers, and a variety of dedicated server solutions and customizable hosting services to a global customer base, announced that its Net Promoter Score reached an all-time high of 74 at the end of Q2 2015. This represents a “best-in-class” rating in the consumer-driven metric. Liquid Web’s score is particularly noteworthy as scores above 60 are extremely rare in the Web Hosting industry, where average scores historically hover in the single-digit realm. Regardless of industry, a score of 74 – on top of Liquid Web’s confirmed 12-month rolling average of 67 – is strongly indicative of excellent customer satisfaction.
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Liquid Web Celebrates Nine Years On The Inc. 5000 List!

Liquid Web Celebrates Nine Years on Inc 5000 List
We look forward to this announcement every year, and here it is again: We are officially on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing, privately-owned U.S. companies for the ninth year in a row! We owe this honor to a 64% growth rate and an addition of 141 new employees to our workforce over the last three years. Of all 5,000 companies on the list, only 22 companies have been on the list longer than Liquid Web.
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Caching Options for Optimizing Your VPS

It’s a fact: slow websites lead to a loss of visitors, preventing you from converting those visitors to paying customers. Studies done by Akamai show that more and more consumers expect quick-loading sites – a recent study shows that 30% of all consumers expect page load times of one second or less, compared to a mere 5% of all consumers in 2009. What’s the primary consequence of slow load times? Loss of revenue – Akamai estimates that over $3 billion dollars of revenue are lost due to slow checkout pages.
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