Hosting Technology Wrap-Up: What is WordPress & How Do I Use It?

Hosting Technology Wrap Up: What Is WordPress and How Do I Use It?
The most popular CMS with Liquid Web customers, and across the industry, is WordPress. In this Hosting Technology Wrap-Up, we’ll learn how WordPress is most often used, how to install WordPress, and how to secure and enhance your existing WordPress site.

Why is WordPress So Popular?

As the most popular CMS on the market, WordPress boasts the largest developer and user community of all the available CMS platforms. This community exists as an excellent resources for help with setup and troubleshooting. In addition, WordPress has the most plugins and themes available, making it ideal for any kind of website of any size. It’s easy-to-use interface makes it perfect for the less technically inclined, while still providing developers and more technical users the ability to add or edit back-end code to create customized looks. Not to mention, it is free to download. You can learn more about benefits of WordPress, as well as its potential limits and pitfalls, in our guide to help you choose the right CMS for you.

How Do I Set Up A WordPress Site / Blog?

Installing WordPress is easy to do, especially if you have access to your cPanel or Web Host Manager. There are a couple of third-party apps that make installation as easy as a simple click, such as Fantastico and Softaculous. The process is similar for both, but we’ve written up a simple step-by-step guide for installing WordPress with Softaculous to make the process even easier. In addition, you can find the next step, customizing your new site with a WordPress theme in another tutorial.

How Do I Secure My WordPress Site / Blog?

Because WordPress is so popular, it’s also a big target for hackers. The following tutorials can help you protect your site with some common security tips, a tutorial on how to enable automatic backups for the WordPress core, a list of the best security plugins available for WordPress, an explanation of WordPress modsecurity rules.

How Safe Are WordPress Plugins?

There are plenty of WordPress plugins to add to your site, but caution is advised. Plugins can be one of the biggest security risks for WordPress users. However, with proper use and regular updates, you can protect your site and take advantage of all the features available through third party plugins. The following tutorials explain how to best protect your site from plugin vulnerabilities and the process for updating your plugins.

What Are The Best Ecommerce WordPress Plugins?

It’s easy to expand and grow your WordPress site to include ecommerce functionality with the plethora of plugins available, but it can also be daunting to pick from the hundreds and thousands you have to choose from. Our team has done the work for you and identified the top ecommerce plugins for WordPress.

What Are The Best Caching WordPress Plugins?

It’s easy to speed up your website with one of the many caching plugins available for WordPress, however there are hundreds and thousands to pick through. Our team has done the work for you and identified the top caching plugins for WordPress.

Want to know more about WordPress or need help with your WordPress site? Contact our Heroic Support® team! While themes, plugins, and custom modifications are not covered with our fully managed Heroic Support®, our team will always provide Best Effort Support for installing and troubleshooting plugins for WordPress, 24/7/365.

Avoid A Disastrous Website Migration With These Tips

Avoid A Disastrous Website Migration With These TipsIf you run a business with an online presence, then at some point it’s likely that you’ll find yourself considering a website migration – a scary prospect for some. However, migrations don’t have to be difficult or painful and properly preparing is the first step toward making the process easier!

There are many reasons why you might find yourself needing a migration. Increasing and fluctuating traffic might require you to make the move from a traditional dedicated server to a more scalable cloud dedicated environment. Or, you might find a more suitable hosting plan or even a new web host with a more trustworthy and reliable (dare we say Heroic?) support team. No matter why you’re migrating, preparation is key. Migrations can be complicated and, if not done correctly, they can result in a loss in traffic to your site that can’t be quickly regained. The below tips have been recommended by our highly specialized Heroic Support® team and will help make the process as easy as possible.
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Hosting Technology Wrap-Up: What is MySQL and How Do I Use It?

What Is MySQL and How Do I Use It?

As the most popular database server in web hosting, MySQL is utilized in every industry, from social media to ecommerce. As a database, it is used to store and organize content and data, which may be later used in the dynamic generation of websites and as the backend of web applications. In this MySQL wrap up we will learn how MySQL is used, what its main benefits are, and how to install and use the software on your server! Continue reading “Hosting Technology Wrap-Up: What is MySQL and How Do I Use It?”

Top 3 WordPress Caching Plugins

Top 3 WordPress Caching Plugins
One of the simplest methods of implementing caching for a WordPress site is through third-party plugins. Caching will speed up your site and reduce latency by temporarily storing frequently-requested data. Because repeated page requests can be slow and expensive in terms of resources, it is helpful to cache the results of those requests. You can learn more about the specifics of caching by reading our Knowledge Base article on What is Caching? Third-party caching plugins for WordPress are easy to implement and often offer a wide range of additional features such as GZIP compression, CSS, HTML and JavaScript minification, CDNs and more. Our top three recommended WordPress caching plugins include WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP-FFPC (WordPress Fast Full Page Cache).
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KB Weekly Wrap-Up 6-12-15

Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap Up 6-12-15It’s the end of another week and we’re celebrating with a brand new KB Weekly Wrap-Up. Hopefully you’ve been checking in with our newly-designed Knowledge Base to find any helpful articles or how-to’s you might need. In this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, we feature instructions on how to update WordPress plugins to protect your site from security vulnerabilities, the Memcached PHP extension, Apache, how to check your MySQL version, and seven extremely useful Linux commands for beginners!
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Optimizing Images for Responsive Design

Learn about the different methods to scale your images for a responsively designed website.When it comes to responsive design on the web, images have historically presented a major problem: how do you create an image-driven website that quickly scales to the size of a viewer’s screen, without slowing down the site’s loading time and risk losing visitors? Keep in mind that your images will not only need to fit each large screen, but will also need to work effectively on each smaller screen. The first step to solving this problem is image optimization. The next step, however, begins with understanding how browsers interact with those images. Remember, in responsively designed websites images need to quickly scale to fit desktop, tablet, and phone screen sizes. There are a couple of solutions that have been commonly implemented by the industry and, while neither is perfect, they do allow web developers to effectively follow responsive design principles.
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What is Object Storage?

Introducing Storm® Object Storage

Storm Object Storage is cost-effective, scalable, and durable.
Looking for the perfect storage solution? Our Storage Series focuses on Block Storage, Object Storage, and, coming soon, the ideal use cases for each. This article will explore the architecture and functions of our new Storm® Object Storage to help you find the storage solution that is right for your business.
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KB Weekly Wrap-Up 6-5-15

Make sure you regularly check our Knowledge Base for help with any of your technical needs! Articles are posted daily that feature helpful how-to’s and explanations on the latest web hosting topics. This edition of our weekly wrap-up features Ansible, Django, instructions on how to delete a system user, a lesson on virtual IPs, and information on installing the PHP extension for Memcached.
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Optimizing Images On Your Website

For most websites these days including images is a given. However, if used improperly your images could be having negative effects on your bottom line. Unoptimized images can quickly bog down your site, causing it to load slowly and making visitors click away. It’s important to make sure you’re properly formatting and optimizing your images for the web to prevent them from drastically slowing down your site. A few of the factors to pay attention to when it comes to images on your website are format, size, resolution, and file naming practices.
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