Hosting Provider & Customer Saved from Dangerous Security Exploit

Customer Saved from Dangerous Joomla ExploitSecurity exploits and threats to your website are everywhere – and while you might think your business isn’t big enough or important enough to be a target, you’re undoubtedly wrong. The nature of modern day attacks are such that hackers comb the Internet using automated scripts or bots looking for vulnerable websites. According to the 2016 Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec, over 430 million unique pieces of malware were discovered in 2015 – up by 36% from the year prior. In addition, a new vulnerability was discovered each week on average and 75% of legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities!

The only protection against the wide variety of cyber attacks and regularly-discovered vulnerabilities is with vigorous anti-spam and anti-virus software, server hardening, secure access, and constant vigilance. One customer of ours, Scott Neader of, realized the benefit of Liquid Web’s tough security provisions when a dangerous Joomla exploit was discovered in December 2015. As a hosting provider with thousands of customers, he was especially grateful for the protection from Liquid Web’s ServerSecure product. Continue reading “Hosting Provider & Customer Saved from Dangerous Security Exploit”

Expensive Data Loss Be Damned – Backups Saved the Day

Backups Saved the Day - A Case StudyThe importance of data backup is one of those things that we all agree with, but don’t always act on. After all, backups are one of the best ways to protect your business from expensive data loss and unplanned downtime – a phenomenon that costs businesses over $1.7 trillion dollars annually. However, not every business has a complete backup and recovery plan in place – either due to time or cost required to set one up. At Liquid Web, we firmly believe in the importance of data backup, but we are constantly encountering customers with little to no backups for their business.

With that in mind, I have for you today a story of how backups saved one of our customers (we’ll call them Hardware-R-US) from losing everything. They counted themselves lucky that they had backups ready to go after finding themselves the victims of an attack. Hopefully by the end of this cautionary tale, you feel inspired to create a solid backup and recovery plan for your business. Continue reading “Expensive Data Loss Be Damned – Backups Saved the Day”

Why The Best Value Hosting is Managed

Why the Best Value Hosting is Managed
Price isn’t everything. Or is it? As a business owner or manager, the decision between cost and quality often comes down to you, and it’s not an easy one. Especially if you’re a smaller agency working with limited resources, the temptation to trim expenses is strong, and in some cases, not out of place. Shopping with price in mind is important for a small business looking to endure and grow in a competitive landscape.

But when you’re shopping for hosting for your clients, in many cases, the best value hosting is managed hosting, even though it’s more expensive than the alternative. If you are currently or have recently been shopping for a hosting provider for your digital marketing or web design agency, you’re likely familiar with the price tag that comes with managed hosting services. How can you possibly argue that managed hosting is a better value when it costs so much more? you ask. Simple: price does not equal value.
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Finding the Most Reliable Dedicated Server Hosting

Finding the Most Reliable Dedicated Server Hosting
In speaking to a group of our clients recently, we noticed a trend: nine times out of ten, businesses that chose to look for dedicated server hosting did so because of a failing on the part of their previous host. What sort of failing? What drives web developers and design agencies to abandon their hosting providers in search of something more? We asked, you answered: reliability.

Reliability, really? It’s not the sexiest answer. There’s no flash or sparkle in that word, just a staid, ever-present…sameness. Reliability is not a buzzword that many providers are using in their sales pitches – but it should be.
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4 Reasons to Make Web Hosting Support Services a Priority

Make web hosting support services a priority to ensure you receive better call center service.

Web hosting support services: They’re the often-overlooked little brother in the family of factors you look at when choosing a hosting provider. Every host has a support team; it comes with the territory, after all. So why would you waste time checking out the details of the support plan when your hours are better spent searching for blazingly fast speed, the “five 9s” in uptime, and all the space you need? Who cares about support if you’ve got the best service, right?

Do you know the phrase, “Not all hosting providers are created equal”? That applies to web hosting support services as well as all the other shiny buzzwords your potential provider may try to lure you in with. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Make Web Hosting Support Services a Priority”

These Two Things Helped Us Create Our Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

Written by: AJ Morris, Product Manager
These Two Things Helped Us Create Our Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting
Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting is a highly optimized, extremely reliable managed WordPress service that comes preconfigured with the latest technologies to stand up to high traffic loads and serve your favorite e-commerce plugin out of the box. … And today, it’s about to get better!
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Thank You and Congratulations to Our Survey Winners!

Take a Liquid Web Survey, Win a Drone
We recently sent out a survey to a random selection of customers asking for feedback on our Heroic Support®. The feedback we received was incredibly illuminating and encouraging. THANK YOU! We’re excited to use this feedback to improve and plan our future initiatives.

Willing survey respondents were also entered to win one of five DJI Phantom 3 Drones, and now it’s time to announce the winners!

(Drumroll please! ……)

  • Sharon V.
  • Brian C.
  • Eric M.
  • Earik B.
  • Dennis A.

Congratulations! And thanks, again, to each of you who participated in our survey. We will be contacting each winner personally.

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Best VPS Hosting: Liquid Web Pummels Competition in Fastest VPS Report

Cloud Spectator Report Liquid Web Best VPS Hosting
New, third-party data has been released announcing that Liquid Web has the best VPS hosting when comparing LAMP stack performance! This new performance data shows that Liquid Web’s servers once again outpace equivalent servers at Rackspace, Amazon, and DigitalOcean.
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Announcing Managed WordPress Hosting From Liquid Web! (Find Us This Weekend At WordCamp US)

Liquid Web Booth at WordCamp US - Managed WordPress Hosting
If you’re planning on attending WordCamp US this weekend, you’ll be witness to the exciting launch of our Managed WordPress Hosting product! Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Pennsylvania to celebrate with us – we’ll be happy to celebrate with you virtually! However, if you do see us there, give us a shout!
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