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Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap-Up 8-29-14
Filed under: Knowledge Base,News  August 29, 2014

Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap-Up 8-29-14

Have you read the recent articles we’ve published on our Knowledge Base? Our technical writers have been working hard to produce new and helpful content to provide answers for our customer’s hosting questions. In case you missed any of our recent posts, you can check them out here in our weekly wrap-up:

Don’t see what you need to know? Check out the rest of our articles on the Knowledge Base, or contact our Heroic Support® team and we’ll help.

KB Weekly Wrap Up 8-1-14
Filed under: Knowledge Base,News  August 1, 2014

Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap Up 8-1-14

We’re producing new, helpful content each week on our Knowledge Base – have you checked out the latest posts? The Knowledge Base exists to help our customers find the answers they need to their technical questions. In case you missed any of this week’s posts, you can check them out here in our weekly wrap up:

Don’t see what you need to know? Check out the rest of our articles on the Knowledge Base, or contact our Heroic Support® team and we’ll help.

New Substation Provides More Power to our Data Center
Filed under: News  July 30, 2014

New Substation Under ConstructionSubstation Construction Continues Throughout SummerNew Substation Nears Completion
The skyline to the east of our Data Center 3 has been slowly changing over this summer. Our local power utility, the Lansing Board of Water and Light, has been building a new substation just off our property. This new substation, while not built specifically for Liquid Web, nonetheless provides many benefits to us and our customers. With a substation a mere few yards from our third and largest data center, we can minimize power outages that might occur and increase our capacity for additional servers as we grow.

The new substation connects to our data center via a line that will come online late in the Fall of 2014. While our data centers already have circuits running from other substations in the area, this new substation will increase our fuse amperage and allow us to support many more servers – and more customers.

In addition to the increase in power, having a substation so close to our property provides fewer opportunities for outages. Not only is the power line underground and encased in concrete, protecting it from the elements and other potential negative influences, but its proximity is also encouraging. Statistics show that the majority of power outages happen on the line between the substation and the final destination, a data center for example. The power line only stretches little more than the length of a football field in total from this substation and our data center.

We’ve been excited to watch this substation come together as the summer progresses and are eager to utilize the power we will receive when it comes online late this Fall. More power routed to our data centers means we will have more capacity for servers, room for more growth, and more opportunities to provide our customers with Heroic Support®.

If you’d like to learn more about how we plan our power systems to boost our customer’s hosting environments, let us know.

KB Weekly Wrap Up 7-25-14
Filed under: How To,Knowledge Base  July 25, 2014

Have you checked out our Knowledge Base this week? If you’re looking for technical articles or helpful how-to’s relating to the web hosting industry, that’s the place to go. In case you missed any of this week’s posts, you can check them out here in our weekly wrap up:
Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap Up 7-25-14

Don’t see what you need to know? Check out the rest of our articles on the Knowledge Base, or contact our Heroic Support® team and we’ll help.

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KB Weekly Wrap Up
Filed under: How To,Knowledge Base  July 21, 2014

Do you monitor our Knowledge Base? It’s a great place to check for technical articles and helpful how-to’s relating to the web hosting industry. In case you missed any of last week’s posts, you can check them out here in our weekly wrap up:

Our Knowledge Base is chock full of articles like these – and more! – to help you with any questions you might have. Don’t see what you need to know? Contact our Heroic Support® team and we’ll help.

Happy Heroes Mean Happy Customers
Filed under: Heroic Support,Liquid Web Culture,News  July 18, 2014

In order to provide our famous Heroic Support® to customers, we make sure to give our employees a little Heroic love as well, something that is especially important as we continue our current hiring trend of about ten new employees a month. We shared the Heroic love last week at the Common Ground Music Festival, a week-long music festival featuring national artists on three different stages in a downtown Lansing, Michigan park. It’s events like Common Ground that make working for Liquid Web such a fun and unique experience. Not only did employees enjoy free tickets, but they also had access to VIP seating right next to the stage on our Cloud Platform.

Liquid Web Heroes at Common Ground

Your Liquid Web Heroes found themselves surrounded by friends, coworkers, and even a few local customers each night of the festival. Some guests were even able to go backstage to meet with artists such as Big Sean, Brand New, 311, the Violent Femmes, Earth Wind & Fire, and country music star David Nail. With refreshments to taste, couches for lounging, and a wide variety of music, our VIP Cloud Platform (named for our Storm® Platform cloud products) never lacked for company.

Stage view from the Liquid Web Cloud Platform at Common GroundLiquid Web Hero Pose with Big Sean at Common Ground
Liquid Web Heroes Meeting David Nail at Common GroundLiquid Web Heroes enjoying Common Ground from our Cloud Platform

Company events like the Common Ground Music Festival are just a small part of the perks we offer to our employees, but they are a big part of how we ensure Heroic Support® to our customers every day. We know that the key to happy, satisfied customers is maintaining a great group of happy, satisfied support technicians. Keeping our Heroic Promise to our customers is the most important thing we do every day, so we make sure provide our hard working Heroes opportunities to let loose and have a great time. We are currently hiring, so if you think you’d like to work for an office that values their employees and shows it with amazing perks, let us know!

Liquid Web Heroes Watching Common Ground from our Cloud PlatformView from the Liquid Web Cloud Platform at Common Ground

Vote for the Best 4th of July Hero!
Filed under: Contests  July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate, we asked our employees to decorate the Liquid Web Hero with a patriotic theme. Your Heroic Support technicians have a creative side and aren’t afraid to show it!

Now we need your help to find the BEST decorated Liquid Web Hero! Take a look at the photos below and cast your vote for your favorite! Voting will remain open through until Monday, July 7th.

You can cast your vote via ANY of the below methods.

  • Comment on this post below with the name of the artist behind your favorite hero. Find the names by clicking on the photos below.
  • Facebook (Like your favorite photo)
  • Twitter (Retweet your favorite photo)
  • Google+ (Plus 1 your favorite photo)
  • Tumblr (Reblog your favorite photo)
  • Pinterest (Repin your favorite photo)

Kathy - Uncle Sam HeroAlison - 'Merica Hero
Kari - Captain America HeroNic - Baseball Hero
Matthew - Wrestler HeroScott - Fireworks HeroValerie - Captain America Hero
Josh - USA Soccer HeroTony - Rex Hero

Jeni - Baseball, Apple Pie and a Hero Hot Dog

Supporting Random Logic Games As They Rocket Up The iTunes Charts
Filed under: Customer Features,News  June 23, 2014

After only a year and a half in business as a mobile and social game company, Random Logic Games, suddenly saw one of their games quickly rise up the ranks in the iTunes App & Google Play stores. In January of this year, their Guess the 90’s game exploded in popularity, triggering a much-needed expansion of their hosting environment. Since then, their new and expanded environment has been able to sustain other games in their product line growing in popularity, including their Guess the Emoji game, which is now listed in the top five free games in the iTunes App and Google Play store.
Random Logic Games
President of Random Logic Games Andrew Stone said Liquid Web was recommended to him back in 2012 by a friend who remarked on our reliable hosting and Heroic Support. At the start, Stone said, his company required a basic setup for hosting, which consisted of a single dedicated server. However, after the Guess the 90’s game rocketed up the charts and their server’s concurrent users increased 60 times over from 50 per day to 3,000 per day, he was in need of a more powerful solution.

“It was an insane increase,” Stone said. “We were scrambling to handle the traffic. At the time we knew very little about servers and relied on the Liquid Web team to help us out.”

After studying the setup that was supporting Random Logic Games, our technicians recommended a more powerful environment with the following features:

The OCFS2 volume provided Random Logic Games with managed file replication, allowing their files to update across multiple nodes automatically. In addition, the load balancer directed the flow of their now very high traffic volumes. Since implementing the new setup, our team has worked closely with Random Logic Games over the last few months to refine and optimize the settings to ensure everything is running at peak performance.

“At this point our setup can handle the traffic we’re seeing,” Stone said. “Liquid Web’s support has been excellent. There is always someone to answer the phone and emails. We’re looking forward to continued growth.”

With all the hard work that the team at Random Logic Games puts into their trivia and word games, we’re proud of their recent success and are happy we were able to help them scale up their hosting environment to support their new needs. With the support of our OCFS2 cluster, load balancer and the hard work of our Heroic Support team, we’re confident that Random Logic Games can continue growing – and we’ll be here to support them every step of the way.

Private Cloud in 60 Seconds
Filed under: In 60 Seconds,Products  June 20, 2014

“Cloud hosting” is a term that has been used so often in the news that its original meaning has become lost amidst all the clutter. In this edition of “60 Seconds with Liquid Web,” J. Mays clears up the clutter with a simple definition, and describes the many benefits of one particular type of cloud hosting, the “Private Cloud.”

Video Transcription:

Before we get to private cloud, lets first take a quick look at general “cloud hosting”.

Cloud hosting enables you to: create servers quickly, resize them as you need, clone and scale-out identical copies, and then move those servers around!

Convenient, right? Well, keep in mind that in a general cloud environment, you’re not alone. You’re hosted on hardware with other cloud servers. Those other cloud servers can sometimes be a bit toooo noisy … and no one needs noisy neighbors!

Avoid the neighbor issues by moving to the private cloud, where you’ll have the entire physical server to yourself, plus all of those useful cloud features.

With a private cloud you’ll be able divide the server up as you see fit… with granular control of server resources such as: CPU Cores, RAM, and Disk Space.

Of course this is great for developers, businesses, and definitely resellers. Avoid Noisy Neighbors, and Choose Your Resources, and Design Your Own Private Cloud.

For more information visit our private cloud page at liquidweb.com/privatecloud. My name is J., thanks for watching, and that’s private cloud in 60 seconds.

If you have any ideas for our “60 Seconds with Liquid Web” series, let us know in the comments below!

Top-Level Domains 101: What They Are & Why You Should Care
Filed under: Industry Insights,Products  May 29, 2014

When the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved the creation of new generic top-level domains (TLDs), there was plenty of buzz surrounding the news. It opened up a whole new world of domain name personalization for brands and organizations, allowing them to claim new TLDs such as “.sports,” “.music,” or more recently “.ninja.” Your domain is the most identifiable and irreplaceable part of your web presence. With the possibility of over a thousand new TLDs on the market, it might benefit you to take a closer look at the potential new opportunities in domain registration with Liquid Web.

There are a few types of TLDs, including specific country codes and the generic TLDs with which we’re all familiar. Generic TLDs have until recently been limited to a few select options, including “.com,” “.net,” “.gov,” and “.org.” ICANN’s announcement opens the doors to thousands more generic TLDs that range from “.sports” all the way to business-specific options like “.liquidweb.” New TLDs are limited by the big price tag and the extensive guidebook needed for application. However, once a new TLD is approved and up for sale, those willing to pay the yearly fee can utilize the TLD for their company’s domain.

If you’re uncertain about how additional generic TLDs might benefit your business, we’d be happy to help you determine what options are available and how you might utilize them. While the new generic TLDs tend to be more expensive than the traditional “.com,” the potential benefits for brand strengthening and market capture can outweigh the cost.

  • Brand Strength – Owning your brand’s URL on multiple TLDs across the Internet can strengthen your brand and increase name recognition in multiple markets. In addition, you can prevent competitors from purchasing your business’ URL in combination with a new generic TLD.
  • Controlling Your Vertical – If your business markets products or services in one particular vertical, for example sporting goods or music, you can capture more of that market by purchasing your domain name with the “.sports” or “.music” TLD.

While there are a number of benefits to utilizing the many new generic TLDs, they are still relatively new in the market. We’ve yet to see how fast and how widely many of the new TLDs will catch on. If you’ve determined that your business will benefit from purchasing a domain with with a new generic TLD, our Heroic Support® team is standing by 24/7/365 and can help you check the availability, quote out, and register your desired domain.

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