Do You Need To Upgrade Your VPS?

Try these tips before upgrading your Liquid Web Storm VPS server.
If your website isn’t performing as quickly or efficiently as you’d like, there are many ways our Heroic Support® techs can help. Oftentimes a server upgrade is required – luckily upgrading your VPS (virtual private server) is an easy process at Liquid Web. However, it is always beneficial to look into other solutions to speeding up your website before committing to an upgrade.

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KB Weekly Wrap-Up 4-24-15

Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap Up 4-24-15
Our Knowledge Base is the top resource in the industry for admins and business owners looking for helpful articles and how-to’s related to their server. Don’t forget to check in regularly because we’re posting new content all the time – this week there are fifteen articles to share! This edition of the KB Weekly Wrap-Up includes instructions for installing Pip, Squid, and Memcached on a variety of operating systems.

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Protect Your Site From WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

Protect Your Site From WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities
If you’ve been following the news, then you’re aware of the rash of vulnerable WordPress plugins that have recently been discovered. For example, previous versions of the WP Super Cache plugin were affected by a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that could provide potential attackers with access to your site. In addition, a few websites made the news after being hacked by members of the organized group of Islamic State sympathizers via a vulnerability in the FancyBox plugin. Another plugin, Yoast, was vulnerable to blind SQL injection attacks, which can lead to database breaches and possible exposure of confidential information.

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Optimize Your VPS With These Tips

Liquid Web Storm VPS
As your business or website grows or changes, it is important to remember the key role your virtual private server plays in your success. Even if your VPS seems to be running smoothly, it is always a good time to take a closer look for potential ways to optimize its performance. Often the default settings for many applications, like Apache, aren’t appropriate for performance standards. In addition, there are a few simple tips you can follow to reduce load and improve site response times, including introducing caching, taking a closer look at performance metrics, and utilizing a content delivery network.

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KB Weekly Wrap-Up 4-10-15

Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap-UpOur regular additions to our Knowledge Base keep it updated with relevant topics for our customers. In this edition of the KB Weekly Wrap-Up, we feature mlocate, automatic background updates for WordPress and WordPress core, the Xfce desktop environment, Pip, and VNC servers.

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Big Data Could Have Saved Your Bracket!

Big Data Could Have Saved Your March Madness Bracket
With only a few games left in the March Madness tournament, fans across the country are waiting with bated breath to see which team comes out on top, and not just die-hard basketball fans. The tournament has become all-inclusive for both fanatic and casual fans alike. In fact, more than 40 million Americans will fill out more than 70 million brackets this year. This increase in fan base has also increased the amount of information people are clamouring for. Player statistics, team histories, injuries, and more are all desired by millions of fans as they strive for the perfect bracket. Data analysis has actually taken over the March Madness tournament as the game behind the games, as it were. The collection, organization and final analysis of all the statistics and information found in every play on the basketball court is the magic behind a winning bracket.

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Top Six Best Practices For Data Backup

Data Backup Best Practices
Your data is of paramount importance. No matter whether you store sensitive customer data for your ecommerce business, or you simply have oodles of cat videos, no one wants to wake up one morning and discover that their data is gone. Due to the nature of ever-evolving online attacks, it’s impossible to guarantee that your data will never be hacked or corrupted. The only way to fully protect yourself is to regularly backup your data so you can fully recover in the event of a disaster. Follow these top six best practices from our Heroic Support™ team when choosing your ideal backup solution to guarantee data will be safe and fully recoverable.

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KB Weekly Wrap-Up 3-27-15

Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap Up 3-27-15Make sure you regularly check our Knowledge Base for help with any of your technical needs! Articles are posted daily that feature helpful how-to’s and explanations on the latest web hosting topics. This edition of our weekly wrap-up features the CVE-2015-0235 vulnerability, MariaDB, WordPress, glibc, and instructions on how to check the version of your Ubuntu and CentOS installs.

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Top Three Things Liquid Web Loves About March Madness

NCAA March Madness 2015
It’s that time of year again: basketball season! It’s hard to escape the constant stream of chatter around the office water coolers about the upcoming March Madness tournament. At Liquid Web, we love March Madness for a few reasons, not the least of which is an appreciation for the sport itself. Further enforcing our love for March Madness, there are also numerous ways that the tournament relates back to the web hosting industry. March Madness makes us think of databases full of statistics, streams of traffic being expertly balanced, and gives us even more opportunities to collaborate with our fellow Heroes.

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Choosing the Best CMS For You

One popular approach to building and managing websites among corporations and small businesses alike are content management systems (CMS), or software that provides tools for website authoring, collaboration and administration for users with little knowledge of programming languages. CMS’s can vary widely, but most provide the ability to quickly build websites, store content and other information in databases, and offer easy-to-use administration interfaces for less technical users. They provide a myriad of benefits over other methods of building websites, such as manually uploading files to a server or using a blogging platform (a simpler and more limited subset of CMS’s). CMS’s allow websites to feature dynamic content without the hassle of regularly updating files, offer customized design options, and provide a wider range of features (such as ecommerce or customer account areas).

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