Press Release: For the 10th consecutive year, Liquid Web is honored as an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing U.S. Company

LANSING, Mich.- Aug. 26, 2016- Liquid Web, Inc. (, a $100 million web-hosting and managed cloud-services provider, has been selected as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest-Growing U.S. Companies for the 10th consecutive year. The Inc. 5000 list is determined by a percentage of the overall revenue growth over three years for privately owned U.S. companies. Other factors taken into consideration are industry, location, revenue and number of employees. Over the last three years, Liquid Web has experienced a 40 percent growth rate. Now, with the recent acquisition of the Cloud Sites business unit from Rackspace, Liquid Web has grown to 550 employees and serves over 30,000 clients in 150 countries. Continue reading “Press Release: For the 10th consecutive year, Liquid Web is honored as an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing U.S. Company”

Goodbye to Our Many Shared Customers and Thank You for Your Loyalty to Liquid Web

Written by Jim Geiger, CEO

In April, we decided to discontinue offering Shared Hosting as a product to new customers. This business decision was made in order to narrow our focus to products and services designed for those sites and store owners with more complex requirements.

We’ve decided to sell our Shared hosting platform to Deluxe Hosting, a division of Deluxe Small Business. Deluxe has been and continues to be a true leader in the shared hosting platform and their team has worked tirelessly over the past 18 years perfecting shared hosting. While this was a tough decision, because we love all of our customers and appreciate their loyalty and dedication to Liquid Web, it was the right decision. Liquid Web and Deluxe Hosting have worked closely to ensure this transition moves as smoothly as possible. We have thanked our Shared customers for their loyalty and provided them more information on the transition, please see Deluxe FAQ.

This sale and move away from Shared Hosting allows us to invest additional resources in creating innovative products powered by our stellar customer service designed to better meet the needs of professionals solely reliant on the web. The web hosting industry has been too focused on competing on price to win customers often at the expense of performance and customer service. Liquid Web is committed to shifting this paradigm and investing in the next-generation of hosting solutions designed to propel our customers to utilize the web and cloud as a business accelerator. Our goal is to deliver the best experience in the hosting industry earning our vision to be the world’s most-loved hosting provider. We look forward to sharing more of this vision with you in the coming weeks and months.

Press Release: Liquid Web Acquires Cloud Sites Business Unit from Rackspace

Liquid Web commits to create new innovations for Cloud Sites customers by investing in the platform, its employees and the City of San Antonio

LANSING, Mich.– August 8, 2016 – Liquid Web, a $90 million web hosting and cloud services provider devoted to delighting customers, today announced it has signed an agreement to purchase Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) Cloud Sites business unit, which will remain in San Antonio. Continue reading “Press Release: Liquid Web Acquires Cloud Sites Business Unit from Rackspace”

Growing Our Hosting Business with the Addition of Rackspace® Cloud Sites

Written by Jim Geiger, CEO
Today, we celebrate a historic moment in Liquid Web history with the acquisition of Rackspace® Cloud Sites. This is the first of many steps we plan to take on the path to becoming the world’s most-loved hosting company.

We see so much potential in the Cloud Sites platform and the people who have fanatically served its customers over the years. And, we want to build on this and invest in developing innovative solutions on the Cloud Sites platform to better serve these savvy, skilled professionals who are reliant on a highly available and dependable hosting provider. This means only upside for the designers, developers, and digital agencies currently using the Cloud Sites platform as well as future customers.
Continue reading “Growing Our Hosting Business with the Addition of Rackspace® Cloud Sites”

5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Web Hosting Provider

5 Signs It's Time to Find a New Web Hosting Provider
It’s a Monday like any other Monday – at least that’s how it starts. But at 11 AM, just as you’re finishing your third cup of coffee, your office phone lights up like a Saturday night in Vegas. Your inbox spits out new emails so quickly that you can’t read the subject line of one before ten more appear. Your mobile phone dances across your desk, buzzing like a hive of angry bees.

A sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, you stare helplessly at your phone, computer, and mobile. Picking one, you answer the mobile. It’s your CTO, and the sick sensation morphs into an outright panic when she explains that everything has crashed. “We’re down, and I don’t know when we’ll be back up,” she says, and you have no response that will make this particular Monday a good day. Continue reading “5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Web Hosting Provider”

How Reliable Managed Hosting Boosts Your Credibility

The right managed hosting provider gives you the many hands you need to support your clients.
Credibility counts.

When your business has it, it says that your customers can believe what you say and trust you to deliver on your promises. In the increasingly competitive business of web design and digital marketing, it can mean the difference between failure and success for your company. Your credibility will not only help you win over new customers, but help assuage existing customers when they have doubts. It’s the difference between losing your clients when a new, lower-priced option appears and keeping their loyalty and confidence that you’re offering them the best value. Credibility is the most important asset you have.

So how do you build credibility – and how do you maintain it? Continue reading “How Reliable Managed Hosting Boosts Your Credibility”

Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Dedicated: How Do You Choose?

Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Dedicated: How Do You Choose?
When comparing prices on shared hosting vs VPS vs dedicated hosting, it can seem like a no brainer to sign up for the cheapest option – at a first glance, that is. If you are running a web agency, you aren’t alone in thinking that shared web hosting – often as little as $5 per site monthly – is the most cost-effective solution for your business. But, take a deeper look and you will quickly see how the financial, functional, and emotional benefits of a more robust plan from a managed hosting provider are by far the best bang for your buck.

As a veteran in the hosting world, you are already well aware that with shared hosting your clients’ sites are going to sit on the same server as many others. It’s the most economical, but for a trade-off. It means you have to cope with usage limits, shared bandwidth, and limited administration features. A shared hosting provider will do all the bare minimum work for you to manage your servers, and, as long as your needs are pretty basic, it can provide you with adequate functionality. We use the word ‘adequate’ pretty loosely.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Let’s compare shared hosting vs VPS vs dedicated hosting for performance and security, and see which one comes out on top. Continue reading “Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Dedicated: How Do You Choose?”

Boost Conversions with Expert E-commerce Site Performance Tips

Boost Conversions with Improved E-Commerce Site Performance
Did you know that the latest statistics quote shopping cart abandonment rates at a whopping 68.63% on e-commerce websites? That accounts for over two-thirds of your business’ potential sales! The question then arises, how can your e-commerce business overcome such a high abandonment rate and increase sales? The answer: improved e-commerce site performance. Even one second shaved off your page load times can boost conversions by 7%! Continue reading “Boost Conversions with Expert E-commerce Site Performance Tips”

Is Your E-Commerce Site an Obstacle to Customer Loyalty?

Use Your Website to Create Loyal E-commerce CustomersWhen building an e-commerce business, customer loyalty is important – especially because it costs six to seven times more to acquire new customers than keep existing ones. With that in mind, any prudent e-commerce growth strategy should include efforts to encourage repeat customers. Step one in that process is to make them feel welcome with a fast and available website that helps them find exactly what they want, when they want it.
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Prepare Your E-commerce Site for Traffic Surges

Prepare Your Site for Traffic Surges
Promotions, product launches, viral campaigns, and more all bring huge amounts of traffic to your site – but have you considered how that will affect the performance of your website? The worst thing that can happen during high traffic surges is a loss of revenue that results from a down website. In fact, 73% of small and medium sized businesses aren’t prepared for a sudden, 200% increase in traffic. The key to taking advantage of your incoming traffic without crashing your site is to optimize your server for high traffic loads with flexible hosting infrastructure. Use these tips to discuss how prepared your site is with your IT team and managed hosting provider. Continue reading “Prepare Your E-commerce Site for Traffic Surges”